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The Dipr – Cookie Spoon


The Dipr The Ultimate Cookie Spoon 5 Color Spoons in the Package


Tired of losing your cookies when you dunk them? Don’t like sticky fingers? Well, The Cookie Spoon set out to solve that problem with the introduction of – the dipr. This new type of utensil allows you to dunk your sandwich cookie in milk, or any other liquid, by cradling the cream. Available in five fun colors.


Want Something New, Funny, A Bit Creepy And Scary For Your Bathroom? Get The Talking Toilet Paper Spindle Today


In simplest term, The Talking TP toilet paper spindle offers endless comedy possibilities! Replacement spindle allows you to record (and re-record) a personal message that greets everyone who uses toilet paper in your bathroom.

GET The Talking Toilet Paper Spindle Today!


This is a good stuff to get some fun at your almost lifeless bathroom! Imagine anyone who uses your bathroom is greeted by one of a kind message they haven’t heard before. It might be a bit creepy but it’s surely a full fun and entertaining gadget you must own today.

Note: Images below are clickable. You can click them out to view full information about this one of a kind bathroom novelty item.

Get The Talking Toilet Paper Spindle At Amazon Today!

TIP: If you purchased this product, then you can download your favorite movie or sound clips via the internet (horror, thriller or comedy movies and clips works best!) and record them straight at the roll!

Get Talking Toilet Paper Spindle Today Online!

This works best in times of a big house party when everyone is a bit tipsy or drunk! Use your imagination and prankster skills with this one of a kind toilet paper spindle! Get it now via Amazon before it runs out. Read more →

8 Extra Ordinary Valentine’s Day Gift Items That Will Surely Interest You And The Person Who Will Receive It From You


Here is a good list of unique and awesome Valentine’s Gift that your partner or even your friends or relatives will surely love and appreciate. So if you are tired and bored with the traditional flowers, chocolates and Valentine’s card gifts, then this list is what you need.

All images at each and every featured Valentine’s Gift are clickable and linked to their corresponding AMAZON page where you can buy or order them!  So without further delays, here it is.

Forget Me Knot Rings

Show your undying love with bow knot rings available in all sizes and in both gold and sterling silver. This romantic gift is an thoughtful ring to give someone who you want to remind that you always love them, especially as a gift for valentines or an anniversary.

Forget Me Knot Rings

Couples Stainless Steel Necklace Sets 

A Romantic Gift for expressing your love. The couple pendants are matching necklaces for couples that are also an expression of their everlasting love.
The love necklaces for couples is a reminder of true love and makes a memorable gift for you and your significant other.  A perfect gift this coming Valentine’s Day.

Couple Stainless Steel Necklace Black & Silver Pendant 1

BoldLoft “Catch My Heart” Couple Pillowcases – Cute Valentines Day Gift

These enchanting pillowcases are really “catching” on! “In my soul from the very start I knew you were the one who would catch my heart!”

BoldLoft Catch My Heart Couple Pillowcases

Love And Hugs Salt And Pepper Shaker

As featured in Wallpaper- and I.D. magazine. The very nature of this set connotes love, making it a perfect gift for your loved ones! The bold use of black and white suggests that we are all brothers and sisters on this planet and we need to treat each other with kindness, compassion and respect. The rethinking of a salt and pepper set on this level, as well the clever geometric aspect of the design and the inherent ergonomic and storage benefits that it provides all contribute to the design’s universal appeal.


Reasons I Love You Stones

The reasons are infinite, and now nine of them are etched in stone. One side of each brushed-nickel token says I love you and the other bears a compelling reason, from because you’re an inspiration to because I just do! and for always getting my jokes. Comes in a red faux-suede pouch.

Stones read I love you on the front, and a different reason on the back: …for always getting my jokes …because you’re an inspiration …because you are so much fun …because of your great smile …for being so giving …because I just do! …because you love me …because you rock …for your honesty

Valentine's Day Gift Set | Reasons I Love You Stones

Message In A Bottle ® “CONTENT” Personalized Gift

Sometimes we overlook the ones that mean the most to us. Remind them of your everlasting love with Content By Message In A Bottle ®. The script on the front of Content reads, “It doesn’t matter where you go in life, or how much you acquire. It’s who you have beside you that really matters.” When the time comes to impress that special someone, send the only Message In A Bottle ® brand gift bottles!

Valentine's Day Gift Message In A Bottle CONTENT Personalized Gift

My Heart Will Guide You Home Compasses

Let’s face it, love is confusing. It’s easy to lose your way. But not with one of our delightful pocket compasses. A wonderful gift that says “Let’s keep our relationship on course…” Stay on track with our pewter pocket compasses, handcrafted in fine pewter in Coventry, RI.

My Heart Will Guide You Home Valentines Gift

Deluxe Comfort Boyfriend Body Pillow

This one is a perfect gift for someone who is still single or alone this Valentine’s Day! Boy friend pillow is perfect pillow for any bed. The pillow measures 22 by 9-inch for the body and 36-inch for the arm. You can use this pillow as a body pillow or as a neck roll. The boy friend pillow provides firm sleeping support and it’s great for snuggling. It also comes with a removable microfiber shirt for softness and easy care.

Valentine's Day Gift Set Deluxe Comfort Boyfriend Body Pillow

Hope you find a thing or two from up above list perfect for your Valentine’s Day Gift needs.


Super Mario Wall Stickers – Perfect For Kids And Kids At Heart!


As we all know, Super Mario is the world’s most recognizable video game character ever. This Super Mario stickers will surely become a hit for your kids or for you as well. For sure, you and your kids will love this one of a kind wall stickers.

This Amazon product comes with 3 large and re-stickable vinyl decals, with lots of smaller individual decals in each package. With this stuff, you can easily turn any room (your room or your kids’ room) into Mushroom Kingdom. A fun and geeky wall sticker featuring Mario and his friends and enemies through his evolution from 15 pixel high sprite to fully 3d-rendered hyper being.

Click this link or the images below for more information about Super Mario Wall Stickers.

Super Mario Wall Sticker 3

Super Mario Wall Sticker 1

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Finger Tongs – Wearable Cooking Tongs For Amazing Food Flipping Control


Christmas is just around the corner, here is another gift idea that will be useful in your kitchen while preparing some Noche Buena this Christmas for the New Year’s Eve as well.

finger tongs 3

We present to you the FINGER TONGS! – a 7 inch wearable cooking tongs that will surely a big help while frying your delicious meal. This is a non stick silicone material, heat resistant to 675 degrees, dishwasher safe and FDA-compliant silicone.

What are you waiting for? Get now while supplies last! This is only $12.22 at AMAZON.COM.

finger tongs