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Spin The Shot – Spinning Shot Glass For Drinking Games


Wanted to make your party with overflowing alcoholic drinks more fun and exciting? This spin-the-shot , the spinning shot glass might be able to help you!

If you play and remember the spin-the-bottle (often times played in a drinking with truth or consequence game), then for sure, you will love this spin-the-shot drinking stuff. Just pour any kind of alcohol at that shot glass (included/provided), spin the wheel and whomever the arrow points to, must drink until the last drop of it.

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Spin-The-Shot is one of a kind creation the combines the elements of entertainment and alcoholism into one.

This stuff can surely make your party more awesome with overflowing fun (and drunk people sleeping around)! Wanna get one? Click on the images below to buy one, today!

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Finger Tongs – Wearable Cooking Tongs For Amazing Food Flipping Control


Christmas is just around the corner, here is another gift idea that will be useful in your kitchen while preparing some Noche Buena this Christmas for the New Year’s Eve as well.

finger tongs 3

We present to you the FINGER TONGS! – a 7 inch wearable cooking tongs that will surely a big help while frying your delicious meal. This is a non stick silicone material, heat resistant to 675 degrees, dishwasher safe and FDA-compliant silicone.

What are you waiting for? Get now while supplies last! This is only $12.22 at AMAZON.COM.

finger tongs

5 Pounds Giant Gummy Bear – A Gummy Bear Like No Other!


Are you running out of Christmas gift ideas for kids and adults? Worry no more because today, we will share with you this sweet and soft 5 pounds giant gummy bear! Yes, you read it right, a chewy and delicious giant (world’s largest) gummy bear perfect as a gift this Christmas season.

Giant gummy bears (equivalent to 1400+ normal bite size gummy bears, beat that!) are made possible by “trusted gummy artisans” from the USA using only the best ingredients and best of all, are GLUTEN FREE!

Click on this link (or at any of the images below) for more information about the 5 pounds giant gummy (not so cuddly) bears.

World's Largest, Giant Gummy Bear

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Rock Your Kitchen With The Flipper Silicone Guitar Spatula


Great gift for rockin’ and rollin’ dads, moms, chefs, cooks or for anyone who loves rock and rolling as well as cooking and eating. Perfect for this Christmas as a novelty, handy, elegant but quite affordable gift!

The Flipper Silicone Guitar Spatula is made of 100% silicone. It can surely make rockin’ and head bangin’ eggs, pancakes, bacon, sandwiches or anything else with rocking style.

This Flipper Silicone Guitar Spatula is dishwasher safe and tried and tested up to 500F/260C. Check this out via Amazon and see the awesome reviews about it! Customer and buyer satisfaction guaranteed! Rock On!

The Flipper Silicone Guitar Spatula


The Flipper Silicone Guitar Spatula

THE EX Kitchen Knife Set – Get Your EX Revenge Today!


Problem with your EX? Wanted to take revenge for something he or she has done? Then this product is for you! Featuring the THE EX Kitchen Knife Set!

This knife set gives you up to 5 different kind and types of KNIFE that you can use to cut and stab your ex for your kitchen needs. A perfect gift for someone who is brokenhearted, right, agree?

THE EX Kitchen Knife Set


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