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Want Something New, Funny, A Bit Creepy And Scary For Your Bathroom? Get The Talking Toilet Paper Spindle Today


In simplest term, The Talking TP toilet paper spindle offers endless comedy possibilities! Replacement spindle allows you to record (and re-record) a personal message that greets everyone who uses toilet paper in your bathroom.

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This is a good stuff to get some fun at your almost lifeless bathroom! Imagine anyone who uses your bathroom is greeted by one of a kind message they haven’t heard before. It might be a bit creepy but it’s surely a full fun and entertaining gadget you must own today.

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TIP: If you purchased this product, then you can download your favorite movie or sound clips via the internet (horror, thriller or comedy movies and clips works best!) and record them straight at the roll!

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This works best in times of a big house party when everyone is a bit tipsy or drunk! Use your imagination and prankster skills with this one of a kind toilet paper spindle! Get it now via Amazon before it runs out. Read more →

Super Mario Wall Stickers – Perfect For Kids And Kids At Heart!


As we all know, Super Mario is the world’s most recognizable video game character ever. This Super Mario stickers will surely become a hit for your kids or for you as well. For sure, you and your kids will love this one of a kind wall stickers.

This Amazon product comes with 3 large and re-stickable vinyl decals, with lots of smaller individual decals in each package. With this stuff, you can easily turn any room (your room or your kids’ room) into Mushroom Kingdom. A fun and geeky wall sticker featuring Mario and his friends and enemies through his evolution from 15 pixel high sprite to fully 3d-rendered hyper being.

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Super Mario Wall Sticker 3

Super Mario Wall Sticker 1

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