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MP3 / iPod Miniature Speaker And Amplifier


This miniature MP3 and iPod Marshall like powerful amplifier or speaker can really bring out the rocker in you!

The portable MP3 Or iPod  mini speaker and/or amplifier allows you to listen and share the music you love at picnics, skateboarding parks, outside the house or at almost any place you want!

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This mini but truly powerful speaker and amplifier comes with bass, treble and volume control to fully control the sound of music you wanted to hear.

Aside from MP3 and iPod, this mini amp can be suitable for your computer, tablet and laptop as well. Cool huh!

This versatile amp-style 5 Watt MP3 speaker contains and premium grade speaker unit – so your tunes come through crystal clear and loud enough to rock a party.  Click on the image below for more information!

iPod MP3 Amplifier

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